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    Homebuilder William Collins of West Hartford takes a different approach. Collins believes that quality housing should be provided to all members of a community. It not only benefits residents but also improves the neighborhood.


    Cities used to build dwellings out of basic brick cubes. The idea was that low-income housing just needed to provide basic facilities, and that if it did more, people would lose motivation to find employment and relocate to better accommodation.


    Utilities are a large part of the monthly payment for anyone responsible for paying them. Building energy-efficient houses can help low-income families. William Collins says that even though West Hartford isn't the coldest place in the country, insulating homes to keep them warm keeps families safe and reduces utility expenditures.


    The environment is also impacted by energy efficient home design. Heating a home requires a lot of energy, most of which comes from coal or oil. Building with energy efficiency in mind saves both of these precious natural resources.

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